How To: Herbal Migraine Remedy

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How To: Herbal Migraine Remedy


If you are looking at this post I presume you are looking for a natural way to stop migraines. I am glad you are here because this works for my wife.

My wife suffers from crippling migraines that pills are ineffectual against. I feel helpless when she has an attack. As a prepper, I went looking for the best natural remedies I could find. We have pretty much tried all the remedies you can think of and then we came across this one.

As it is natural, we decided that it couldn’t hurt to try and boy are we glad we did. Before we tried this remedy, my wife would be in bed for at least 24 hours. No light, no sound and no food because she couldn’t keep anything down.

Now if my wife feels a migraine coming on I make her this remedy and 8 times out of 10 the migraine doesn’t happen. If it does it is more tolerable and a few more sips of this tonic and it’s much more manageable.

See how to make some of your own in the link below and keep it in a cool dark place until you need it.

How To: Herbal Migraine Remedy

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