Holiday Gifting for The Self Sufficient

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The art of gifting is one that requires a couple of skills and considerations. The time of the year has arrived where these things are important. You need to understand what you want and what you are capable of giving. Only than can you make the gift giver and receiver happy on both ends.

The art of gifting is one that requires a couple of skills and considerations.

While things like electronics, entertainment and clothes are great options you might be someone who is looking for gifts that are more tailored towards a self sufficient lifestyle. Maybe you are also looking to gift someone with the same intentions and hopes.

Knowing what to buy a homesteader is no easy task. We live a life that is out of the ordinary and its one that requires things that most people couldn’t begin to understand.

“Can Santa bring me the full size container of dehydrated meal worms for my chicken?”

On the other side of the coin it can be a real drag for the average homesteader to buy gifts. The off grid lifestyle is not usually one where you are raking in the money. You might need to pinch every penny you have to make Christmas work. That said, we can do much more to be effective in the short term.

While people make jokes about homemade gifts there are some things that you can do that cannot be done by anyone else. If you are a homesteader this is certainly true. Homemade gifts require thought and customization. When done well, they can be something, even in the age of Amazon, that is unique and personal. That personal touch is always going to mean more than even a video game or television.

Holiday gifting for the self sufficient is not easy. Just remember to be open about what you would like Santa to bring you and what you would like to gift others with. It cuts the tensions early and you can better enjoy yourself.

The art of gifting is one that requires a couple of skills and considerations.

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