Are Homemade Fire Starters Better?

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Are Homemade Fire Starters Better?

Are Homemade Fire Starters Better

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There are a lot of posts going around the internet about homemade fire starters! Some use wood shavings, others use cardboard, and there is usually some kind of binding material added. With all of the options for fire starters from the store, why would anyone make their own if they can afford the ‘good’ ones you can buy? The truth is, most people who would ask that question have the money to buy them instead of making them. Then, there are those who enjoy reusing things as much as possible to¬†save money.

Whatever your reason for wanting to learn about making your own fire starters, there is the question on which homemade one is ‘the best’. Ultimately, you want the fire to start easily – minimal effort needed and it stays lit while you are feeding the kindling in to build it up. A bonus would be if the starter could handle some less than ideal conditions and stay lit! Too often, the bricks from the store take forever to catch and keep burning.

Each person has to make their own choice but from a preparedness perspective, at least having the knowledge and some practice in making your own fire starters will give you an edge over many. Plus, you’ll have some homemade fire starters in your preps!

Are Homemade Fire Starters Better?

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