How to Build Dirt Cheap Houses

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How to Build Dirt Cheap Houses - This article is a great look at how to build dirt cheap homes. There is advice and techniques that come, not from a prepper but from an actual home builder. If you are interested in building a home this is a great article.

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Are you searching for the perfect tract of land? Many preppers are presented with the challenge of getting out of their current urban sprawl in order to be in a better place, come the collapse.

It is this mindset that pushed people to search for land. Or preppers could be looking for a nice bit of bug out land. Eventually, you are going to want to put a structure on that land to maximize its use for you and your family. Without a home, you could still wind up dying from the elements. You will just die on your own land.

What if that dirt-cheap home was made out of dirt! Have you heard of earthbags

Earthbag Building

Building with the dirt and bags is incredibly affordable and it has some serious benefits. Of course, these homes are not going to look or feel like those that we live in. 

Still, they are great little homes that come without a mortgage. They come without a credit card and they can be great storage locations. 

With just some bags, dirt and barbed wire, you can even bury and earthbag structure and treat it like a root cellar or a bunker! 

Alternate Locations 

The importance of having alternate locations is massive! You need more than one spot to store things nad to keep operations going. If you have these options you can be prepping from a position of power. 

It is vital that you have a number of solutions when it comes to location. This makes things like evacuation and bugout much better. 

It also allows you to store more food than you would in a single location. Food is paramount to your level of preparedness. Earthbag locations are very cost-effective and can be built almost anywhere. They can be as small as you need them to be. 




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