How To Eat Daylilies And A Few Recipes

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How To Eat Daylilies And A Few Recipes

How To Eat Daylilies And A Few Recipes

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I never knew that you could eat daylilies until recently. I feel like I have missed out on so much free food that was just growing in my backyard.

Daylilies are a common garden plant that have “gone wild.” They’re found throughout most parts of the United States from late spring through summer, often near sunny fields, roadsides and empty lots.

Daylily flowers and tubers are high in protein and oils. The flower buds are good sources of beta carotene and vitamin C. Like with all wild edibles, please be 100% sure what you are foraging are in fact edible. (Please read our disclaimer before continuing).

How To Eat Daylilies And A Few Recipes

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