How To Fix A Too Small T-Shirt

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How To Fix A Too Small T-Shirt

How To Fix A Too Small T-Shirt


Everyone has those times when your clothes are just a little too snug for comfort. How about when you are shopping at your favorite thrift store and find the perfect shirt, only to realize it is just a wee bit small on you? Knowing how to make alterations on clothing is a fantastic prepper skill that not many people know anymore. Not only that, you can really make your clothing budget stretch out (no pun intended!).

Most people find the idea of sewing either boring or ‘too hard’ and don’t bother to even try. Others think they have to spend a lot of money on fancy sewing machines when most alterations can be done by hand with minimal skill required. Especially when it comes to shirts, resizing is easy and can be a lot of creative fun!

This article with step by step instructions and lots of pictures will take you through the process of turning a snug shirt into your favorite comfortable shirt, while adding a bit of your own style as a bonus. If you are on the fence about altering your own clothing, this is the perfect project to get started with and can lead to amazing clothes!

How To Fix A Too Small T-Shirt and Read This One for the Men

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