How To Grow Different Fruits on One Tree

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Grow multiple fruits on one tree… This is known as “grafting”. Imagine having one tree with 2, 3 or 4 different fruits growing from it! This is great for people with smaller gardens who want to have all the same fruit as people with larger gardens.

Now is the time to get grafting different fruits to one base tree so you can have a brilliant variety of fruits from one main tree! Sound like science fiction but you honestly can do this, it’s really easy and once you do one, you will want to do more!

I have seen many articles that show you how to do this, but this paper from PennState College is extremely detailed (and free!). I am glad I can share this with you all today! It shows you how to graft to thin and thick branches. I would recommend even a novice to do this project.

How To Grow Different Fruits on One Tree

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