How To Make a Sourdough Starter

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How To Make a Sourdough Starter

How To Make a Sourdough Starter

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Sourdough bread is delicious, airy and fluffy. I love eating it. Did you know that sourdough bread is actually better for you that regular bread? Sourdough is more digestible than standard loaves and more nutritious too. Lactic acids make the vitamins and minerals in the flour more available to the body by helping neutralize the phytates in flour that would interfere with their absorption.

The acids slow down the rate at which glucose is released into the blood-stream and lower the bread’s glycaemic index (GI), so it doesn’t cause undesirable spikes in insulin. They also render the gluten in flour more digestible and less likely to cause food intolerance.

Check out how to make your own and start eating better. It’s easy and cheap to make so you have nothing to lose.

How To Make a Sourdough Starter And Bread

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