How to Make a Survival Casserole

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How to Make a Survival Casserole


“What the heck is a Survival Casserole?” you may be asking. During the Great Depression, people had to get very creative when it came to making food with limited supplies. Trying to make the same meal over and over, but taste different, turned those who cooked the meals into veritable scientists! They were faced with needing to fill empty bellies with whatever was on hand – there was no going to the store with food stamps back then. People were on their own.

Some would call a tuna casserole a “survival casserole” because it had veggies, a little meat and a lot of pasta. Whatever filled bellies cheaply such as rice, pasta, and beans were commonly used during this period of time. Yes, they are used a lot during modern times, too but the main difference was the majority of meals were made with fillers.

There is a lot to be learned from those who survived the Great Depression when it comes to cooking. Compared to how we cook today, I bet the people from almost 100 years ago would be shocked at the portion sizes and how much food is actually available now. You can still learn how to make your own and gain a new recipe along with an appreciation for the abundance we have in comparison. Click the link below to learn more and get a great recipe for “Survival Casserole!”

How to Make a Survival Casserole

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