How To Reduce Your Risk From An EMP

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How To Reduce Your Risk From An EMP

Astronomers everywhere have been warning about the severe rise in solar flares that is expected for 2015. Even NASA has issued warnings for this, concerned that they could cause major disruptions on a worldwide basis. Part of the problem is that we’re really not sure what kinds of effects the solar flares are going to cause or how serious those effects will be.

It’s a known fact that all solar flares cause some sort of radiation. Often, this is broadband radiation, which hits our atmosphere and causes problems with radio reception.

Back in the 1970s, this was severe enough to put an end to the CB radio craze, essentially eliminating all but the shortest-range communications on the frequencies that CB radios use. In addition, it affected commercial radio and television transmissions, sometimes severe enough to block out reception in outlying areas. Read the full article below:

How To Reduce Your Risk From An EMP

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