How to Survive an Earthquake

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How to Survive an Earthquake

How to Survive an Earthquake — A lot of people think that in America, earthquakes are just a West Coast problem, but the fact is, there are many fault lines across the country that are significant enough to cause major quakes.

When you think of earthquake you probably think of the West Coast. 

That is a bit of a misnomer. There are serious faultlines all over the nation. One of the most perilous is the New Madrid faultline. This is fault touches places like Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, and Illinois. This area is also home to 15 nuclear power plants! 

That is a disaster within a disaster. 

Have you ever considered how to survive an earthquake

Get Clear of the Collapse 

An earthquake literally moves the ground underfoot and those structures that are built upon it fall. Heavy structures will crush you to death or pin you and suffocate you. 

Avoid these larger structures and get clear of those things that could collapse on you. This is paramount.

Give Things Time to Crumble After 

If you are clear of large crumbling structures be sure you dont just go rushing inside right after the ground stops quaking. Give it time to settle. Other parts of these structures could fall afterward. You do not want to be inside if this happens. 

If you can avoid entering structures after a bad earthquake, do that until you are sure they are safe. A simple inspection of your home could help you determine this. 

Prepare for the Aftermath

If the earthquake has caused substantial damage you are going to have to brace for what is to come. Water pipes could be damaged, and essential services could be hindered. If roads are destroyed that means resources may not be easily delivered. 

You could see a terrifying scene if the earthquake is severe. 

This is a time when your preps will come in handy. Be prepared for the SHTF that could follow a serious earthquake. You might also need an alternate means of escaping the area. Roads could be impassable. 

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