How To Use A Chainsaw The Right Way

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How To Use A Chainsaw The Right Way


Homesteaders are usually very familiar with using a chainsaw. What you may not know, knowing how to use a chainsaw can actually be considered a survival skill as well. Before you start picturing chainsaws squeezing into your survival bag, read on. It is pretty unlikely you would ever have a chainsaw with you or fall into your hands during a survival situation. However, there is a good reason for you to learn how to use a chainsaw properly and safely. And here is a video also to help show you some basic chainsaw skills.

Hopefully, you are getting out into the great outdoors as often as possible as you practice your survival skills. You probably sit around a campfire at the end of the day reflecting on what you have learned and so on. Do you use a chainsaw to cut your wood for the fire?

Before you grab your chainsaw and start sawing away, please take the time to read the users’ manual that came with your saw. You will also need to check your safety equipment. Yes, you need to wear the right gear. Protective eye and ear protection is an absolute. You can find pants that are designed to block the blade from cutting you if you happen to lose control or it kicks back.

Once you have read the manual and you have your safety equipment in order, please make sure you are familiar with the safety features on the actual saw. Do not remove or disengage them. If you have a new saw, you probably don’t have to worry about the blade being dull. However, if your saw is used, make sure the blade is sharp before you begin.

Watch this video to get a good visual about how to position the saw during the actual cutting process. If this is your first time, start on small limbs to get a feel for the chainsaw. Never try and saw one-handed. Another word of advice, do not put the blade in contact with the dirt. This dulls the blade.

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