Keep Cool With Only 12 Volts

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Keep Cool With Only 12 Volts

Keep Cool With Only 12 Volts - This fan moves a lot of air and really helps keep my man cave cool on hot days. It's small enough to store easily. All in all great for camping and a great investment.

Save money and keep cool with only 12 volts… Introducing the Endless Breeze Box Fan!

As you all may now, I have been building a man cave / tiny house / awesome shed from scratch! It has not been easy and as it’s pretty much finished now, I have come across some obvious problems I didn’t even think about! Heating and cooling. The man cave is 7’ft by 7’ft give or take so that’s about 49 sq foot.. Sounds small but it is perfect for me.

I searched the internet for fans that had a low wattage and low amps but honestly, there are hardly any out there! So I remembered watching a show about off the grid living and remember seeing a man who had a 12 volt refrigerator. A light bulb went off in my head that I should look for a 12 volt fan, when I first started searching I was only getting the small 6 inch and smaller fans and I knew they would be useless for what I need.

So with a few extra keywords, I found the Endless Breeze Box Fan. It cost $66 and was delivered in 3 days!

Product Info:

  • It measures in at 3.8 x 14.5 x 15.2 inches which is pretty big for such a small voltage fan.
  • Power >> low: 15 Watts or 1.25 amps @ 12 VDC medium: 27 Watts or 2.25 amps high: 35 Watts or close to 3 amps
  • It weighs in at 4.9 pounds
  • Cost $66



This fan moves a lot of air and really helps keep my man cave cool on hot days. It’s small enough to store easily. It is a bit loud on high but not enough to be annoying, especially considering the volume of air it moves. All in all a great investment and great for camping, keeping dogs cool and best of all…. Tested by me and I approve this product… 

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