Keep Moving in Urban Survival

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Where have we experienced the brutality of true urban survival? You could mention Syria. The people have been caught in the crossfire of that civil war for years now. They are doing their best to survive but life is not easy.

Where have we experienced the brutality of true urban survival.


While it might seem easy to just bugout of the city there are some things to consider. The bugout hardly guarantees you things like long term shelter or food. Its just not something you can count on. While the immediate threat of human violence can be relieved you are still at risk of surviving in a wilderness or rural environment.

Living off the land is not an easy thing to do. Especially if you are not practiced.  It would seem more beneficial to keep moving in an urban survival situational.

Hunter Gatherer

In essence you are going to become a hunter gatherer. You will not share the farming and animal keeping benefits of Neolithic man. Instead, you will be tasked with  moving and eating, gathering resources before moving again.

Rural to Urban

It may even be of benefit to travel from the urban environment to the rural and back again.  Things will always be changing and having a wide breath can assure you sweep as much of the area as possible for resources.  Its not an easy task but constant movement in a survival situation mimics our methods of the past. This is how we survived for a very long time.

Whether we were following a herd or rooting around in the ground for tubers we moved with the food sources and away from the threats.

There is nothing easy about survival so we have to look to our past to determine our future. While its not the only method of surviving it is, most certainly, one worth considering.

Where have we experienced the brutality of true urban survival.

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