3 Reasons Why You Need a Laser Rangefinder as a Survival Gear 

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3 Reasons Why You Need a Laser Rangefinder as a Survival Gear  - Laser rangefinders had become a popular tool for many different sports including hunting, golfing or mountaineering. This is because a rangefinder provides immense benefit at a reasonable price. Follow Me on Pinterest

Laser rangefinders had become a popular tool for many different sports including hunting, golfing or mountaineering. This is because a rangefinder provides immense benefit at a reasonable price.

Using hunting as an example, a rangefinder can help you make every shot you make consistent and precise, where you would have a higher chance hitting vital parts of animals. Getting a clean shot is really beneficial because you do not need to waste time following blood trail and it is a more humane way of hunting.

Other benefits include hunting effectively in any weather conditions where you can aim with better success. However, using a rangefinder as a survival gear is different but still bears almost the same amount of benefit. Here are 3 reasons why you need a laser rangefinder as a survival gear!

Reason 1: Train your shooting accuracy

To be prepared for even the worst of situations, you need to cultivate every skill that can help you prep. By honing your archery or gun shooting technique, it may serve you well in times of need.

A rangefinder is a really useful tool to aid in training your shooting accuracy. Of course, the better rangefinders can help you determine other factors such as the angle between you and your target. This would be useful if you like to do high angle shots, such as hunting from a tree stand.

Rangefinders essentially help you to determine the distance between you and your intended target where they make acquiring the target much easier and smoother. If you are more to using bows for hunting or survival, the distance that is portrayed by the rangefinder can give you a guide in regard to how much strength you must put in pulling the bow so that you can accurately hit your target.

Also, the magnification function would be useful for you to determine whether you made a good shot!

Reason 2: Be able to distance yourself from threats

With a rangefinder, you would be able to do observations from long-distance and identify any potential threat before it is too late. For example, you may be able to identify a suspicious man on your property and not alert him of your presence. This is useful because you would only call for help after you are aware of the threat.

In such a life and death situation, you have to be prepared enough to defend yourself. You may be able to stop a threat in advance if you are clever enough to do dedicated targeting for some purpose such as giving warning shots. These warning shots may be just to peel off a bark of a nearby tree, to show that you are accurate and messing with you would not be wise. Breaking a nearby lamp would be a good way to show that you are not someone he wants to mess with.

A rangefinder can help you to do both things, to help you shoot more accurately when such situations arises and to help train your shooting accuracy. If you have immediate feedback concerning where you shot, it would be helpful for you to grow and train to be the next sharpshooter.

Reason 3: Deepen your understanding of your terrain

A rangefinder is a really effective tool to help you scout around which can help you familiarize yourself with surrounding terrain. There are several things you look out for especially when you are in unfamiliar ground.

First, which positions you can take to have a clear shot towards any threat. For this to happen, you have to know that there are no particular things blocking your way when you shoot. Other important aspects include the ability to spy on animals or other threats roaming around the terrain, identifying habitual patterns or obtaining essential information.

This can be illustrated with the example where you can increase your chances of hunting successfully if you understand your terrain. If you know how animals habitually move, or how you can make a clean shot, your chances to achieve your goals is higher. 

Cultivating situational awareness can help you in many aspects, even if you get lost in the woods. By understanding your terrain properly, you can easily find the nearest route back to safety.


A laser rangefinder is really helpful, only if you are good in using it. Several common mistakes must be identified and avoided! Sometimes, your target may be out of range because the reflective capacity of your target may not be as good. Usually the maximum range estimate for your rangefinder is only accurate if you are targeting into highly reflective surfaces. Remember to account for the elevation angle to your intended target as well to ensure that the shot is as accurate as possible.

Other important habits that you can cultivate is keeping your rangefinder in a good condition by practicing good optic care habits and investing in a good carrying case. If you have any other tips you would like to share, please comment below!


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