Lifting for Real Strength in Survival

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Strength is a very important part of survival and disaster preparedness. The power you have to lift and move and the endurance that goes into that is vital. When you think of the word survival what comes to mind?

Strength is a very important part of survival and disaster preparedness.

You want to outlast the elements and the nightmare that befalls you, in a survival situation. This means you have to be strong and be in shape. Its huge! You need good health. We know how to get it and exercise is part of it.

Lets look at getting strong quick and how everyone can get involved.


One of the most effective training modalities for increasing strength is practicing the 5×5 training method. Its a simple way of lifting using less reps and more sets. You have the potential to increase your strength quickly using this method. Of course, it will take consistency.

Lets say you want to get stronger legs. You could start using a weight that you are comfortable with and do 5 sets of deep squats of 5 reps. So squat 5 times and rest. Do that 4 more times. If you can commit to 3 5×5 workouts a week you will likely be able to increase your weight quickly.

Bodyweight Training

For those who do not have access to these types of weights, you can utilize bodyweight training. On of the most simple and effective methods of bodyweight training is the pull up. You can change your whole physique with a pull up bar.

Still, squats, sit ups, pushups, lunges and planks are other great ways to train the body and become stronger, faster. These exercises are all about consistency. A small workout everyday will give you results.


One of the biggest mistakes that people make when getting stronger is they only focus on contracting heavy weights. They feel tight and strong and that makes you feel good! However, flexibility is not only going to make you stronger its also going to keep you from getting injured.

Injuries are massive setbacks in strength training. So to avoid them, be sure you are training.

Strength is a very important part of survival and disaster preparedness.

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