Maintaining the Backup Gas Generator

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One of the most fundamental pieces of emergency preparedness is power. You need to have backup power sources. If those sources have the ability to heat and cool your home, as well as, keep your fridge cold, that’s good!

One of the most fundamental pieces of emergency preparedness is power.

Some people have whole house generators but we are going to talk about maintaining a portable generator in this article. It is one of the most affordable solutions to backup power that you can get your hands on.


Of course, a gas generator is only as good as how much gas you have to go inside the thing. Without that you have problems. Be sure that you think read up on how much gas your unit holds and how much you need to store to get backup power after a storm.

Don’t forget to store that gas safely and outside of the home!


This is one of those things that people easily forget. The oil that lubricates that big thumping  generator is crucial. Without oil you wont be able to get that thing to start. If that becomes the case, you are in real trouble. Be sure to store extra. They don’t take a lot of oil but they burn it up quick.


Your manual will answer all your questions. Don’t lose it! It will tell you about gas, oil and troubleshoot some simple issues for you. Keep it somewhere safe that you can reference n the future.


If you have all of the above than you need to keep that well oiled, fueled up unite safe. This is where you should invest in some chain and locks. If someone else likes your generator you could wake up to find it missing. You might not even know its gone till the next storm!

Back up power is crucial, be smart about it.

One of the most fundamental pieces of emergency preparedness is power.

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