How To Make Faraday Pockets

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How To Make Faraday Pockets

How To Make Faraday Pockets

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In all my years in survival / prepping industry I have never thought about doing this, faraday cages protect your electronics from electromagnetic energy so they will still be functional after a pulse has passed. Wouldn’t it make sense to have at least one pocket which works the same way for a cell phone or something smaller like a USB drive with all of your info on it?

A Faraday pocket can also hide your cell phone by blocking any incoming or outgoing radio frequencies with a Faraday pocket. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to immediately silence your phone when at a movie theater or stop those annoying incoming calls from your crazy ex-lover, Faraday pockets have you covered. Check out the easy tutorial and let me know what you think.

How To Make Faraday Pockets

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