How To Make Insulin

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How To Make Insulin In An Emergency


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If you have diabetes or are likely to get it or are concerned about someone with diabetes or at risk, then preparation on this issue is probably the single most critical prep you can make in order to survive. You can always scrounge around for food, water, shelter but insulin doesn’t grow on trees and here life and death will be dependent on preparation.

Gather your equipment now, before you put away food or ammo. Once you have your equipment then practice and make a few batches EVEN IF YOU DON’T USE THEM. There will be risk in using your home-made insulin, so don’t use it and risk adverse outcomes. The point here is that when you run out of lab insulin and your choice boils down to dying or using home-made insulin, then the risk of the home made insulin is preferable to death.

Keep in mind that the operative word here is risk, not certainty of bad, or even sub-optimal, outcome. Modern pharmaceutical practices yield very safe medicine whereas a home brew can’t come up to those standards each and every time you make a batch.

How To Make Insulin

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