Make The Perfect Portable Survival Kit

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 Make The Perfect Portable Survival Kit

Make The Perfect Portable Survival Kit

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Many people who practice preparedness carry with them an Everyday Carry bag or EDC as it is widely known. The trouble with limiting yourself to one bag is that you may find yourself in certain situations where some items aren’t relevant and could have been replaced with something that would have served you much better if needed. No matter how EDC, vehicle, or Bug Out Bags (BOB) you may have, there are certain things in each one that are universal.

The trick to having a good general survival kit is including in it the items you would need no matter where you were or what situation you may find yourself in. Items such as a flashlight and way to start a fire could be included in pretty much any bag or kit you put together. Backdoor Survival has come up with a list of items that fit the bill and can help you put your own portable survival kit together.

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