How To Make A Solar Water Distiller

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How To Make A Solar Water Distiller

How To Make A Solar Water Distiller - Add water from any source (dirty, salty or otherwise unfit for drinking) in one side and over the course of the day get clean safe drinking water out the other side. Genius!

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Learn how to make a solar water distiller and have clean drinking water in an emergency situation.

Imagine you have a flood and your water treatment facility closes. Your stores will quickly run out of water or charge you extreme amounts of money. You will need an alternative source of water at some point.

Making a solar water distiller will give you peace of mind as you can make clean drinking water from tainted water sources in an emergency. Having one of these ready made and in your preps will give you the edge over other families in your area. Another plus is that a distiller can even make salt water drinkable.

Check out how to make one and have it in your preps for cheap in the link below 🙂

How To Make A Solar Water Distiller

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