Make the Most of Water Storage Today!

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Water storage methods and means are very important. At the moment we are living through a time where clean water is plentiful and its a means of good living.

While water is very important in survival, if we set ourselves up properly we should be just fine. 

However, you need a gameplan for your water storage. That should be a many-tiered gameplan. It should include or you should at least consider the following. 

  • Purchased Stored Water
  • Water Catchment
  • Well Water 
  • Water Sourcing 
  • Water Filtration

If you are going to depend on well water, be sure that you have some sort of off-grid pump. These are easy and you can even make your own

For any of these water methods, you are going to need some sort of water filter. It will just make the water safer or more palatable. It’s worth an investment in a quality water filter. 

Good high-value rain barrels are also very important. These make water catchment much easier. In fact, once you hook up four of those, water catchment basically handles itself. 

Water Sourcing

Another big part of water preparedness comes down to knowing where to source water from. Do you know where the creeks and rivers are located? Do you have the means to transport that water? 

If you have a means of sourcing water from a river, that means you will have water for about as long as you need it. As long as the water is not contaminated beyond recognition. 

Do It All!

When it comes to water, just do it all! Take advantage of all the sources of water and all the water storage you can muster. Be sure that water is one of those things you dont have to think about much. It takes about $500 to really put a dent in your water storage needs. 

DIY Easy Hand Pump For Wells Or Rain Barrels - If you have a rain barrel or a shallow well or even want to just suck up water from the river this is a perfect project for you.

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