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Man Stabbed to Death at NYC Smoke Shop After Not Getting Thanked for Holding Door Open

Man Stabbed to Death at NYC Smoke Shop After Not Getting Thanked for Holding Door Open

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A simple act of kindness became one of the last things a man ever did, after he was stabbed to death in Brooklyn after holding a door open for his own killer, according to a witness.

Video shows the fight inside a Gowanus smoke shop on Wednesday, between 37-year-old Jay Nunez and another man. A witness said Nunez made a comment about not getting a “thank you” from the man for whom he held the door open — to which the other man said that he never asked Nunez to open it.

The wild brawl shows Nunez, wearing white, and the suspect exchange blows in the store before the fighting continued outside.

“I was trying to break up the fight, I said put the knife away it’s not worth it. Once they stepped outside, there was nothing I could do,” said a store worker, who did not wish to be identified.

The worker said that Nunez’s last words were about him getting stabbed, before he collapsed while covered in blood and stumbling back to the store. The suspect could be seen on video leaving the scene on a bike.

Overcome with emotion, Lucia Canella said she couldn’t believe she lost her son in a deadly dispute that came as a result of bad manners.

“You can at least say thank you, that’s all he asked. But he got in a fight, and he lost — I lost my only son,” said Canella.

Police are searching for the suspect. No arrests have yet been made.

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