Martial Law and What you can do!

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In the event of a wholesale collapse of society, we are going to be facing a whole bunch of circumstances that the 21st century American is just not familiar with. Scarcity being one of the biggest.

Martial Law and What you can do - Martial law is no picnic and you have to prepared to pull it off.

We live in a time of unlimited, cheap resources and a serious disaster that stops delivery of goods will open our eyes to the frailty of this situation.

One thing that could come to fruition is the use of martial law.  Martial law is the act of using high-level military to deal with the collapse or struggles of the nation. In a full-scale collapse, we could see military leadership and armed forces playing a bigger role in restoring order.

The most terrifying situation to consider is that our military is 100% volunteer. The ranks could run dry and our government may look for outside help in contractors to impose martial law. This is a situation that is destined to go wrong and only the worst things could come of it.

Martial Law – What Can You Do?

If you are concerned about martial law there are many strategies you can use to survive it.

One of the best ways to deal with martial law is to disappear before it ever gets started. That takes some planning and its one of the reasons we love the idea of bugging out. The bug out is a great method to use to escape serious disaster and martial law, long before it ever starts.

Outside of running away, you could also tune into the airwaves of HAM radio to get a feel for what is coming and how it will affect your area. This could give you enough information to survive martial law. It might also be a great method for knowing when enough is enough and you must react.

Martial law is no picnic and you have to prepared to pull it off.

Martial law is no picnic and you have to prepared to pull it off.

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