No Gym Strength Training

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There are inextricable ties between good health and fitness. We know now that lifting heavy weights does incredible things for men like increase testosterone and improve the central nervous system. These are things that have been proven by science.

There are inextricable ties between good health and fitness.

Now, its one thing to know you need to get into better shape but its another undertaking altogether to actually do it!

There are many things that get in the way of real people getting in shape. It can even be the people who are closest to us. For many, however, its the idea that fitness can only be achieved by going to the gym. Getting to the gym and dealing with the environment is enough to turn most neophytes off.

I have three exercises that can be done at home to get you in shape in a hurry.

Pull Ups

While you might think that you need to install a pull up bar to do pull ups, you are wrong. If you find a sturdy door and throw a towel of the door, while its open, you can use that door to do pullups. Start small and do 5 sets of 3 a day.

Push Ups

We can all do push ups. Its a big deal. Invest some time in studying a variety of push ups. You don’t have to get bored with just standard push ups.


Maybe you don’t have a cardio machine to work on at home. You still have plenty of ways to get your heart rate up. Burpees suck. They are not fun and that’s how you know they are effective. Sets of 20 will get you into a heart rate that will surprise you.

There are all sorts of options out there. Don’t get bogged down by not being able to get to the gym or afford a membership. Start smashing workouts today. All you need its a towel!

There are inextricable ties between good health and fitness.

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