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NYC Family Outraged as Woman Eyed in Execution Stays Free

NYC Family Outraged as Woman Eyed in Execution Stays Free

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A family is outraged after their relative was killed in an execution-style slaying inside a Brooklyn nightclub that was captured on camera weeks ago — but the police still have yet to make any arrests in the brutal murder mystery.

“This girl committed a cold-blooded crime. And she’s just getting away with it,” said Odette Ritchie, a cousin of the victim.

The killing was caught on surveillance video inside the crowded Hearts of Love Nightclub in East New York in the early morning hours of Aug. 28. The victim, 44-year-old Tarcia “Tanny” Lysius, was shot once in the head allegedly by a woman dressed in white, who multiple people in the community and the family have identified.

Video obtained by the NBC New York I-Team shows a verbal altercation began outside, with Lysius, a mother of four, seen in the video wearing a flowered mesh dress. Ritchie said that the other woman “was circling her from outside.”

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Lysius can be seen running into the club, with the woman in white behind her. The suspected shooter grabs Lysius, who was wearing a wig.

“The gun fell because she was so close, so it wrapped up in her hair. So instead of taking the time to take the gun from her hair, she just grabbed the wig and everything and went through the door with the gun,” said Ritchie.

Arriving paramedics tried frantically to revive Lysius, but to no avail. The victim’s family, who said they want the public to see the cold-blooded video, told News 4 they have been calling detectives daily for the past three weeks.


”I don’t know what they’re waiting for, because this evidence is enough for them to get her off the street,” said another cousin, Tamika Ellis.

“Why somebody pull a gun and shot somebody in the back of the head and she isn’t locked up. Is she above the law? No,” said Ritchie. “We just want an arrest. That’s it. We want her in jail.”

Like so may others, one regular at the nightclub, who didn’t want to be identified, was very upset by what occurred.

“I blame all the people who were there and haven’t said anything. Everybody knows that’s her,” the person said.

Lysius’ son seemed dazed when he spoke to NBC New York, but said that he and the family are “very, very angry” that no arrests have yet been made.

“She’s my mom and she’s everything to me,” said Junior Walker.

The NYPD and Brooklyn District Attorney’s office will only say that the investigation is very active and ongoing. Lysius’ family said they are still praying that witnesses will come forward to say what they saw.

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