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Pack Your 72 Hour Emergency Kit by Category

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Pack Your 72 Hour Emergency Kit by Category

Pack Your 72 Hour Emergency Kit by Category - bug out Follow Me on Pinterest

This article is a list of the various categories that should be considered when you are building your 72 hour bag. The uses for a 72 hour bag are varied and the bag should be tailored to the specific task. Is this a camping bag, bug out bag or even a get home bag. I am a big fan of the get home bag as I feel it is an idea that very few follow through on. I mean, a lot of good that bug out bag will do you at home if disaster strikes during your work day.

This is a brief article but it really helps with the categorization of each part of your pack. Having these categories allows you to maximize the space in the bag as well as divide it up as you see fit. I would encourage attempting to include a space for each category featured.

Pack Your 72 Hour Emergency Kit by Category

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