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The Perigee Power 401 Renewable Portable Solar Power Generator

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The Perigee Power 401 Renewable Portable Solar Power Generator

The Perigee Power 401 Renewable Portable Solar Power Generator — The 401 “Carry-On” is a portable power system that produces household electricity for products rated at 600 watts or less. Follow Me on Pinterest

The 401 “Carry-On” is a portable power system that produces household electricity for products rated at 600 watts or less.

A clean and quiet alternative to a generator, the 401 “Carry-On” integrates a 42Ah battery (additional battery supported via interconnect) with a 600-watt pure sine wave inverter. Made in the USA with RoHS & CE Certified components.
The 401 “Carry-On” can be used to produce power for numerous applications. For power emergencies it can run essential appliances like refrigerators, cordless/mobile phones, radios, pellet stoves & fireplace fans, table lamps, or microwaves. For work sites, you can power your drills, belt sanders, circular saws, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, vacuums, computers, large monitors, fax machines, and inkjet printers. For plain old fun, you can use the power source to run blenders, video games, TV and DVDs, satellite equipment, coffee makers, portable coolers and more…

The great thing about The 401 “Carry-On” kit is that it comes housed in a pelican case! It is watertight, crush-proof, and dust proof with a retractable extension handle for easy moving of the kit! Knowing that the generator is safe, and best of all water proof, makes this kit so much more valuable because the 401 kit is just plain awesome. You could also leave the generator closed and even if you get flooded or your house gets damaged, chances are this kit will still be okay and that means you will have power!

The battery on The 401 “Carry-On” are lead-calcium alloy grids with high purity lead providing for superior shelf-life characteristics that permit extended storage periods. I personally have not tested the interconnect port out, but this allows you to easily connect an external auxiliary battery – instantly doubling your on-board battery capacity with a single cable. The solar panel will also charge the second battery too. perigeepower.com have extra batteries you can purchase at a reasonable price.


The 401 “Carry-On is a great emergency kit and a great starter, solar generator but realistically if you are looking to heat a room and power your home in an emergency this kit may not be sufficient enough. There are other kits that perigeepower.com sell that are more likely are up for that task. The 401 kit is ideal for travel and camping. In fact, this kit powered a weekend camp trip in the black-hills with no problem. I hooked up the 45 watt solar panel to charge the 401 “Carry-On” all day and had enough juice to light up the camp all night, have great music pumping and power all 4 cell phones with the LED indicator hardly going down at all!

The 401 “Carry-On” has no USB slots, but after a great conversation with the owner, he explained that he wants the best kit on the market with the best components and with USB slots it is just a another point of failure (moisture can easily enter through the slot). The kit does have a 12 volt cigarette lighter port if you want to charge or power USB electronics. So if I am honest, I would rather have a working kit than a kit that has a chance to fail.


I fully tested the 401 “Carry-On” kit and here are some of my results!

It proved to be a great home backup power generator, worked great on powering my computer and even ran my monitor for a while. It powered my 32 inch flat screen television, worked great on my sump pump and even powered my garage door. (I wanted to test that because I know sometimes I need to get my car out in an emergency.) My fridge is old and takes a lot of power but It ran it OK, and kept the food cool for over 6 hours. I figured that if I plugged it in for an hour every 3 hours, I could keep my food cool and freezer frozen for days, especially if I had the sun to charge the battery at the same time. If I had an extra external battery I could connect it in-line & double my run time as well.

As Expected the 401 “Carry-On” kit proved to be great while camping It powered our array of lights, small TV for the kids, radios, and cell phones with enough juice left over in the morning to keep the TV going if there was no sun. I recently bought a 12 volt box fan because I wanted a decent sized low wattage fan to take camping and to use in my Man cave / tiny house. The 401 “Carry-On” kit powered my fan for hours. It provided much needed cooler air and I am so happy I finally have a great working kit that is usable.


The price is on the high side for a 600 watt solar generator, but you get a well-built, solid generator, impeccable quality assurance and water-and-shock-proof casing make it all worth the money. Ask yourself this question, would you rather have a cheap generator that fails simply because of a drop or water spill? I know for sure I would rather get quality and company owners that are on call to answer any questions and concerns I have.
perigeepower.com even has a payment plan available so if you need to make payments you can. That’s what I love about this company, they want to give you the best product available and help people who may need a little time to pay for it. You will never get a batch tested machine fed piece of equipment from Perigee Power Solutions.

For all your solar needs visit www.perigeepower.com and have my approval that the kits you get are quality and reliable.

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