Power a Lamp For Hours With a Single Plant

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Power a Lamp For Hours With a Single Plant

One of the most elusive strategies for off grid living is sustainable power generation. In this fascinating article from MNN, a team of researchers created a lamp that is powered solely from the energy that a plant produces. The product, which is called Plant Lamp, worked to provide light to individuals through the Amazon rain forest where electricity grids are virtually nonexistent, but plants are abundant. This technology would be an excellent asset to homesteaders and those living off grid.  This would be especially useful to those who can’t afford to put up expensive solar power solutions.

In a way, the Plant Lamp is a method for solar power because it takes energy that stored up in the soil generated from plants during their daily growth cycle. Without affecting the health of the plant the lamp can actually run uninterrupted for two hours a day. Imagine harvesting power from your garden in this manner!

The people in the Peruvian village highlighted in the video were forced to work by candlelight in the evening which strained the eyes, especially of children.  They can now use high-efficiency LED lights completely powered by photosynthesis.

It will be interesting to see if other preppers come up with their own recipes for generating power to electronics through plants. For now this is a very real and very exciting possibility for the future. Although the product is still in a prototype phase it could be making its way into not only communities across the Amazon but across the world. This alternative energy source could be an excellent leap forward when it comes to improving environmental conditions and finding a means for cheap and renewable power in the near future. Every little bit helps and this technology offers hope.

Power a Lamp For Hours With a Single Plant

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