Powerful Deterrents for Home Security

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Home security is not something that should be left for the post-apocalyptic world. While it often takes people falling into the prepping world to really take home defense seriously, this is one of many prepping activities that you should be working on today.

Home security is not something that should be left for the post apocalyptic world.

Now, there are always going to be people who tell you that the Mossberg is all the home defense you need. Of course, that theory has holes. Some states are very strict about what you do to someone with a firearm, even in your own home! The Mossberg method could get you put in jail or drug into court.

If you really want to excel at home defense you need to think about deterrents. Here are the top three deterrents that can be added to your home.


Forget about costly alarm systems and the like. While they are not bad to include, take a rescued loyal pitbull over an alarm any day of the week. Don’t sleep with the television on and that dog will hear everything. There is just no chance of someone getting into your home without them smelling or hearing it.

Dogs are also great deterrents when you aren’t home. While some burglars have learned to bring mace or treats to deal with dogs, most will just move on to another home.


Flood lights are king when it comes to stopping people from breaking into your home. Nothing is worse than a blinding light shining on you as you try to pry a door or shatter a window. Criminals want to be in the shadows and these floodlights do just the opposite.

Reinforced Doors and Windows

If you are home there is only so much time for a smash and grab. Criminals know they must act fast and strong doors and windows take time to get through. Too much time. Most will just head on to the next target.

That is the idea behind deterents you want to be the least appealing house on the block!

Home security is not something that should be left for the post apocalyptic world.

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