Prep Investments and What Will Retain Value

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On the road to preparedness there are a number of purchases we make. Depending on where we start in this preparedness game we might make more purchases that are investments in the future or less. 

On the road to preparedness there are a number of purchases we make.

To understand the difference between a good prepper investment and a bad one, you need only consider two words. Survival Gadgets. These things claim to be able to do everything and most struggle to do one thing well. These types of investments will not retain their value in a collapse. 

You know, you could argue that sparse purchases of raw land could lose value, as well. This is because without law and order, whos to say who owns your land. If you have more land than you can protect or monitor is it really yours anymore? 

Let’s look at some high-quality prepper investments.


No one really knows what the currency of the collapse will be. Its likely that there will be many different versions of currency. Silver is basically a guaranteed form of currency no matter what happens. Not only is it guaranteed its well known that the price has been manipulated and it will likely value higher than it does at spot price today. 


Food never goes out of style. Its one of those investments that is so multifaceted its hard to fully appreciate it. When you have an excess of food you are going to be able to keep your independence, deliver independence to others and barter with one of the most powerful tools in the kit. 


Human power is the most valuable thing you are going to have in the collapse. Of course, that is going to require signifigant investment in these coming days if you are going to take advantage of human resources in the future. People take work but they are worth the investment. 

On the road to preparedness there are a number of purchases we make.

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