Prepper Shaming: Who Suffers Most from the “Prepper Stigma”

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Prepper Shaming: Who Suffers Most from the “Prepper Stigma”

Prepper Shaming Who Suffers Most from the Prepper Stigma

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I know I’m not the only one who gets not only vacant stares and complete disinterest, but also glares of confusion and disconcerting looks whenever I say I’m a prepper. Many people do feel that preppers are “weird” for what they do. It’s no surprise to any prepper.

Society seems to look down on preppers for a multitude of reasons – the image of preppers as is portrayed by media is one, and a lack of understanding is another – but are these reasons valid enough to excuse the real purpose behind prepping?

Yes, there are negative stigmas about prepping. Preppers are often shamed by other members of society as though what they do is something they should not be doing. As though they are lunatics even for taking a moment to think about the future. There are times when families are torn apart because one comes to see the point in prepping, while the others still do not.

But who is it that really suffers the most from it? Is it the preppers themselves who others try to shame? I don’t think so. Find out why…

Prepper Shaming: Who Suffers Most from the “Prepper Stigma”

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