Prepping for Normal People (When You’re NOT an Epic Wilderness Survival Guru)

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Prepping for Normal People (When You’re NOT an Epic Wilderness Survival Guru)

Prepping for Normal People

Does it ever seem like the people who are out there writing about survival were practically born out there in the woods, making their own bows and arrows from items they found lying around the forest? Creating a gourmet meal off the land with no tools other than a knife while they were still in preschool? Starting fires with two sticks by the time they reached kindergarten?

That kind of thing can get downright discouraging for someone who is new to the self-reliant lifestyle. There are so many skills to learn that you can become completely overwhelmed, unable to determine where you could possibly start. Sometimes, folks just give up altogether, so vast does that gulf seem between them and the epic wilderness survival gurus out there in Internetland.

When compared to the ideals presented on preparedness websites or in survival books and shows, prepping for normal people often seems about as out of reach as that crater in the northeast corner of the moon.

But, don’t despair. Learning the skills and information you need to survive actually is within your grasp. All it takes is the willingness to learn and the enthusiasm to practice.  Preparedness is an evolution, one that we all begin at a different place.

Prepping for Normal People: How to Prep When You’re NOT an Epic Wilderness Survival Guru

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