Pressure Canning on Propane vs Electric Stoves

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Pressure Canning on Propane vs Electric Stoves

Pressure Canning on Propane vs Electric Stoves

Pressure canning is a wonderful food preservation method that can be done on both electric and propane stoves. You would think canning on propane would be more difficult than on an electric range. This article compared the two types of canning and details both the good and the bad between them.

If you are a newbie to pressure canning, you may already be intimidated at the idea and to add in an open flame seems absolutely crazy! Well, you aren’t alone in feeling intimidated as many long time canners had the same jitters when they started. Modern canning equipment has so many safety features now that you would have to deliberately go out of your way and modify the canner to force an accident.

As far as canning on propane goes, you will find that you actually have much more control and the time it takes to get to pressure is lessened! Electric stoves work, so long as they are not the glass top variety. Even still, it can be frustrating to try and dial in to the perfect temperature due to the current constantly going through the coils. With propane, it is either on or off and maintains a steady temperature!

Pressure Canning on Electric vs Propane Stoves

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