Rain Barrel Basics 101:Prep,Placement, Pests

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Rain Barrel Basics 101: Prep, Placement, Pests

Rain Barrel Basics 101:Prep, Placement, Pests

The amount of rainwater that hits the roof of even a modest home is astonishing. For a 1,000 square-foot home, runoff from a 1-inch rain can top 600 gallons. Great for watering gardens.

Storing rain water is good to become more self sufficient and if SHTF, you have a way of having and storing water when others who think that keeping rail barrels is dumb, will be thirsty.

Having a rain barrel comes with its own problems, prepping it, dealing with pests and the placement of them. Click the link below and read a fantastic article all about rain barrel basics

Rain Barrel Basics 101:Prep, Placement, Pests

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