Respiratory Rescue Herbs!

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The time of the year where respiration is under attack is upon us.

The dry heat needed to keep the cold at bay also dries many Americans to the bone as well. Their skin itches and their sinuses go insane. People are affected by many different types of dander when it comes to these respiratory ailments.

You will find that some people just get clogged, some have runny noses and some dry up so much that they get bloody noses.

Are you familiar with the herbal remedies that can rescue your respiratory system? If you are suffering or if you have someone in your family suffering from respiratory issues this information is critical. Let’s talk about three herbs that can work magic on your respiratory system.


That powerful menthol scent from mint has been clearing nasal passages for a long time! Whether you depend on the essential oil or a simple salve around the nostrils, mint will get the job done for you. If you have nothing else you should consider mint. 

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is another powerful agent in the battle against congestion. There is something about lemon balm tea and the aroma that always helps clear me up. You can add mint to this, as well. 

Of course, lemon balm on its own gives off that great lemon aroma that can help with coughing and chest gunk. It’s a powerful essential oil to have on hand.


Oregano is a mean antibacterial and when this time of year rolls around I like to have an oregano and mint gargle. This will keep that post nasal drip from turning into a sore throat. 

There is something very special about oregano and it is the type of herb that mixes well with others. That is the case when it comes to respiratory issues, too! 

Respiratory Rescue Herbs - Not only is this a great article written by a published practitioner of herbal remedies but there is also a podcast to go along with it. This means you will get the full story on herbal remedies for the respiratory system. If you are suffering or if you have someone in your fmaily suffering from respiratory issues this information is critical.

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