How to Save Seeds For Optimal Vitality

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How to Save Seeds For Optimal Vitality - This article links to a great seed saving chart about times and conditions. This resource in itself is very valuable. What makes this article great is it comes from people who do what I do. They are working towards the same style of seed and food independence. You can do it too.

One of my biggest goals in self-reliance is to have a garden in full bloom that was created from the seeds of the previous season.

I feel like getting efficient with this process is such a huge part of finding true food independence. I don’t want to go to a hardware store and spend $3 per plant. I may have over 100 plants in my garden each year and that just doesn’t add up for me when I can utilize the seeds of the previous year.

Of course, this takes an understanding of seeds and harvesting them. It’s important for people to know what the seeds look like and where to find them on each plant. You see, some are going to be inside the fruit while others will be outside hanging in the air. 

If you can find them, you can harvest them and that will make a huge difference in next year’s garden. 

Fruits and Vegetables 

These types of plants will have seeds inside. Think things like tomatoes, squash, peppers, and all fruits are going to house seeds. These seeds can be harvested, rinsed and air-dried for storage. These are easy to store and easy to harvest because you know what you are looking for and you might even have them in your home right now.

Herbs and Greens and Roots

It’s different for herbs, greens, and roots. These do not contain seeds. What happens with these is the plants will flower and create their own version of small fruit or seed packet that follows the blooming flower. These can be harvested when you identify them.

I like to wait until these things get a little dry. 

The First Seeds of Each Plant

The most important part of harvesting seeds with maximum vitality is to understand that you want the first seeds that the plant puts off. So dont eat that first green bean or that first pea. Instead, save the seeds for a vital season to come. 

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