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Shelter in Place Kits – How Duct Tape and Plastic can Save Your Life

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Shelter in Place Kits – How Duct Tape and Plastic can Save Your Life - SHTF


Like Broadway Joe once said “First, I prepare. Then I have faith.” The Shelter in Place kit is not one you want to find yourself using if you can help it. As a matter of fact, you will probably need to use a lot of faith to survive what this kit protects against. If you are using this kit, it means that some of the nastiest stuff mankind has unleashed on this planet is heading in your direction. While the kit does not seem like much, it can be what stands between you and a painful end. There is not much drawback to the kit- it is cheap, simple, and the tools are multi-purpose. All it takes is a little forethought to stash one in your designated room to have a much better chance of ‘riding out a storm.’

I have personally prepped many of these kits while in the military and drilled many troops on how to use them. You would be surprised at how a kit so simple is hard to set up quickly without practice. So if I leave you with just one extra piece of advice- it would be to practice and use your kits and tools. Check out the Shelter in Place Kit write up below:

Shelter in Place Kits – How Duct Tape and Plastic can Save Your Life

Bonus: Root Cellar That Can Be Used as a Bunker

root cellar that can be used as a bunker

Do you remember the old root cellars our great-grandparents used to have? In fact, they probably built it themselves, right in their back yard.

If you want to learn how to build a backyard bunker like your grandparents had, without breaking the bank, then you need Easy Cellar.

Easy Cellar will show you:

  • How to choose the ideal site
  • Cost-effective building methods
  • How to protect your bunker from nuclear blast and fallout
  • How to conceal your bunker
  • Affordable basic life support options

Easy Cellar will also reveal how a veteran, with only $421, built a small nuclear bunker in his backyard.

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