Spot Prices of Gold and Silver 101

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Spot Prices of Gold and Silver 101

┬áIs gold and silver a good investment? I think it is, but don’t just take my word for it.

I have been interested in stockpiling gold and silver for a few years but have always been confused by it all. Is it worth investing hard earned cash into metal? Then there is the spot price, what is a spot price, how much over the spot price is it best to go when buying gold or silver.

When considering buying precious metals you have a few choices, rounds, Coins and bars. More recently you can get gold and silver bullets and they are getting quite collectible. I personally would go with the smaller rounds and coins because they are usually easier to trade and barter with.

I found a cool article on this and it actually helped me understand more about this and right now they have free shipping, so if you have spare cash and you understand this may be a perfect time to start your stockpiling journey. ( I am not affiliated or getting paid for this I honestly found it interesting) Check the article out below:

Spot Prices of Gold and Silver 101

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