How To Start An IV

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How To Start An IV

How To Start An IV - This will be valuable information to have on hand in the event SHTF and there are no nurses or Phlebotomists in your crew.

I think knowing how to start an IV is so valuable I went hunting for a great article showing us how to. I hate blood and get weak when I see it but in an emergency knowing how to do this could save you or your family, so it is vital we at least read up on how to do this.

I wanted to share this knowledge with you all because if SHTF, health care practitioners be it doctors, nurses or Phlebotomists will be nowhere to be seen. This means if you have an accident and need fluids you will have to start an IV yourself.

I have read that it is actually quite easy to start one off and only takes a few attempts to learn how. So with all that being said I would recommend getting a hold of a few IV kits to store away and hope you never have to use them. As always, consult with your doctor and read out disclaimer.

How To Start An IV

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