Urban Survival Outdoor Cooking Methods

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Stone Oven -How to Build / Use Primitive Cooking Technology - This article is all about creating a stone oven outside. Not sure if this idea is primitive or complicated. I love how the article has pictures taken by a river and shows the writer using rocks from the area to build the oven.

There are a lot of grid-down scenarios that we all mull over in our heads. If you depend on an electric stove than you are going to be out of luck when it comes to cooking food in a power outage. Most people dont think about this problem until it arises.

Cooking outdoors can be a great alternative to your electric stove when the power is out. That could be because most people have some type of grill. The propane grill is a great alternative means but what else can we do! 

What are some other methods of cooking outside in an urban environment? 

Fire Pit 

Most suburban homes have some kind of fire pit in their backyard. That firepit is a means of allowing people to relax and take in the day. Great for entertainment. 

When the power goes out you can use sticks or bamboo skewers to get some food over the fire and cook over those flames. If you add a simple grate to your fire pit you might even be able to cook the food right on top, depending on the model. 

Stone Oven

There are other methods of cooking in the wild outside of the fire pit. Now, the fire pit is a great place to cook and with little cast iron or a skewer you can make some amazing stuff. You can build a quick and simple stone oven if you have the materials or know where to get them. 

Being able to stack an oven made of rocks is certainly a skill. Starting a fire in a circle of rocks is impressive and it can be a lifesaver in many cases. Still, if you can stack rocks and create an oven that is something impressive to add to your survival toolkit.

Pizza Oven

Maybe you have been looking for a reason to build your own wood-fired grill. Well, this is another great alternative cooking method. 



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