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Survival Cooking with the ‘GoSun Go’ Portable Solar Stove

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Survival Cooking with the ‘GoSun Go’ Portable Solar Stove

Check out the ‘GoSun Go’ on Kickstarter before it’s too late! The campaign ends November 21st!

Technology and prepping are going to play more of an active role together, as time goes on. While the idea that bushcraft will rule the day in the apocalypse I think you will find that tech is coming online that will not even require WiFi or electricity to be beneficial. You see, there are massive markets in the third world for things like energy, cooking and water purification without the benefits of electricity. There are literally billions of people looking for this tech.

If you get to know a product like the GoSun Go you are going to be blown away by its simplicity as well as its utility. This product is a reminder of just how little we are taking advantage of the sun over our heads. When you see what’s possible with something like this you start to wonder why our whole planet isn’t powered by the sun!?

The best feature of the GoSun Go is it’s portability. Although I love previous versions of the GoSun, and happily own the GoSun Sport, none of them are portable enough for a SHTF situation. The GoSun Go solves this problem and I can’t wait to get my hands on one! Full disclosure: I was not provided a GoSun Go in return for this review.

Check Out the GoSun Go on Kickstarter Before It’s Too Late!
(Campaign Ends November 21st!)

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