Survival Fitness with Benefits

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Never underestimate the importance of your health and fitness. Its completely essential and you are going to be able to bunch fitness in with prepping, if you do the right things.

Never underestimate the importance of your health and fitness.



Stamina is always overshadowed by strength. Now, strength is incredibly important. Still, strong people can make very bad decisions when they are tired. All people make very bad decisions when they are. Much of survival is about what you can endure. Of course, that means you should train endurance or stamina.

Running gives you a few benefits in one. Well, first off you gain stamina. Second, you have the ability to listen to great information through the headphones you where while you run. If you are looking to study survival or preparedness, a long 5 mile run is going to give you about an hour to really listen to something and learn some of it.


Do you take your bugout bag out often? Probably not, right? Well, you can do that whenever you want. Pack the bag up and head off to the nearest set of trails. Don’t go easy either. Hike about 10 miles and see what you feel like. If you are really out of shape you might feel that for a week!

You can also bring a field guide and start learning about the trees and plants in these areas. This will make you stronger, more adaptable and smarter when it comes to survival.


Many people discount the idea of stretching. Its the most commonly skipped portion of any workout. People are more willing to do the embarrassing aerobic work than they are to stretch after that work. No matter how strong you are or how much stamina you have, if you are injured you are no good.

Having loose muscles from years of stretching you will be able endure much more shock and spring and jerking movement. Stretching is a great time to watch videos or take courses on a laptop.

Always try to double up your efforts with prepper fitness. We only have so much time in the day!

Never underestimate the importance of your health and fitness.

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