SurvivALL Elite Survival Cache

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SurvivALL Elite Survival Cache

SurvivALL Elite Survival Cache

The SurvivALL Elite survival cache is a great cache with Interior Dimensions: (approx. 6.0″ x 27″) Exterior Dimensions: (approx. 6.3″ x 31″) giving you roughly 1.125 Total Square Feet or 162 Total Square Inches and a weight of approx: 12 lbs.

This cache is built to withstand what ever comes at it, the tube it’s self has a grippy texture touch and solid to the touch. I thought for sure that because its round the cache would roll off the tree, but I was wrong, it actually was pretty solid and only fell over when pushed hard.

This is selling for around $160 bucks, so it’s not the cheapest cache you can buy, but you get the quality, so its worth it in my eyes.

Things I Noticed:

Solid, great design and the locking mechanism of the Elite is just amazing. The only thing I can say bad about this product is if you tighten it to much, it’s very hard to unscrew.


I would recommend the SurvivALL Elite. I love the texture of the cache and the locking mechanism is just pure genius, the cache is water proof so you could bury it if you wanted. All of the items in your cache should be stored in plastic. Smaller items can be stored in ziploc bags and I would actually recommend at least two ziploc bags at a minimum.

The freezer Ziploc bags are a heavier plastic and as long as abrasion isn’t an issue, which it shouldn’t, these will keep the water out nicely. I have also heard of people who go the next step and shrink-wrap items on top of the plastic. I might do this with a firearm for extra protection.

As this can convert into a “mobile” cache, you could make use of this and have a fully loaded cache ready to go along side your bug out bag. Click here to see more or buy the SurvivALL Elite Cache 

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