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Survive Water Contamination

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Survive Water Contamination

Survive Water Contamination - The Big List of Nasty Disasters has a ton of great articles about surviving specific disasters Follow Me on Pinterest

The Big List of Nasty Disasters has a ton of great articles about surviving specific disasters. I really enjoy these and I brought you this one on water contamination and drought. This is one of those disasters that people don’t really get excited about. I wonder how many people were reading articles like this before the terrible situation in Flint, Michigan. This is not a knock on those poor people its just that many people don’t pay attention to water. They are into the magic behind the tap turning on and safe stuff to drink coming out.

This is the article about water options. It takes the two issues of water contamination and drought to task. The game plan and the ideas that are posed in this article are priceless. This article discusses sources, storage, wells, filtering and sanitation. The ultimate in water management is right here in this article.

Survive Water Contamination

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