Tarp That Catches Rain Water For Drinking

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Unlike other sources of water common in the wild, rainwater is inherently clean and a good option for refilling a water bottle, especially if you don’t have a water purification system on hand. However, collecting water with narrow-mouthed bottles or hydration bladders can be difficult and ineffective.

The Glider seeks to make rainwater collection easier with a dual-function design. On the surface, it is a simple backpacking tarp that can add weather protection to the Kammok Roo hammock or serve as a standalone shelter or sun shade. Instead of simply shedding rainwater, though, the Glider uses what Kammok calls a rainwater retention system. Rain gutters created by a series of six catenary curves and a special suspension system siphon water out toward the four corners where bottles are attached by way of plastic connectors. The connectors work with most 28-mm soft water bottles, including Kammock’s own FlexiPOD bottles.

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Tarp That Catches Rain Water For Drinking

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