The Biggest Challenges to Prepper Fitness

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Physical fitness is not an option and that is the way you should approach it. Its just not something you can leave out of your lifestyle.

Physical fitness is not an option and that is the way you should approach it.

For a long time people thought it was optional and mostly about vanity. Now we know that it affects your overall health.

Preppers sometimes struggle with this so lets look at the biggest challenges to prepper fitness.

The People Who Surround You

Nothing can shut your fitness goals down like being around a bunch of people who dont want to get in shape. If you are facing off against a clan that eats bad and mocks you for your efforts, its time to change that environment or make it known that you are not going to tolerate that kind of stuff.

This is critical to your success. The inverse is true to. If you surround yourself with people who push you to eat better and get to the gym, you will see incredible gains.

Shallow Goals

We need to stop setting shallow, useless, goals. Who cares about how much you wiegh? If you are dealing with people who care about your bodyweight or body mass index, you need to go back to step one and do some work.

There is really only one goal that you need: I am going to do some sort of small workout everyday. If some days that turns into a big gym trip, fine. Just do something everyday.

Walk a couple miles


Light Weights

Pick one each day. Expand on it if you want.


I have to go to the gym.

I have to look like the magazine cover.

I have to lift a certain weight.

I dont have time to workout.

These are some of the most popular myths that go along with getting in shape. You have to fight this crap. Everything you read up there false. There should be one motivation and that should be to get active everyday. Keep it simple.

Its better to be active everyday than to kill yourself 3 days a week.

Physical fitness is not an option and that is the way you should approach it.


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