The Complete Companion Planting Guide

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The Complete Companion Planting Guide

The Complete Companion Planting Guide

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Companion planting is what everyone who grows their own food should be doing. If you are not. You should be. How does companion planting work you may be asking yourself right now. Well, let me explain.

  • Companions help each other grow—Tall plants, for example, provide shade for sun-sensitive shorter plants.
  • Companions use garden space efficiently—Vining plants cover the ground, upright plants grow up. Two plants in one patch.
  • Companions prevent pest problems—Plants like onions repel some pests. Other plants can lure pests away from more desirable plants.
  • Companions attract beneficial insects—Every successful garden needs plants that attract the predators of pests.

Dottie at D&G Gardens and Crafts put together an in-depth guide and explains what to plant and what not to plant with your veggies.

The Complete Companion Planting Guide

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