The M48 Kommando Tactical Shovel AKA The Beast

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The Kommando Tactical Shovel

The M48 Kommando Tactical Shovel is a good tool to have in a survival situation. It is sturdy and light weight to take on camping trips, bugging out and anything you might run into. You can use it when you go out to the garden, it can do some light chopping, perfect for camping. A shovel is always a good thing to have with you when you are out in the wild, or somewhere you need to fend for yourself. This shovel just takes it to the next level with all of its great features. It has everything including a sharp blade edge, sharp pointed edge for digging and a serrated side for cutting. ( If you had to lash this to a stick and use for a spear I think that would work well too)

The m48 kommando Tactical shovel works perfectly for digging holes, a partially serrated edge if you need to saw something, and a concave chopping edge. If you are camping in the woods and want to scare away intruders to your campsite, then his will do it, again if you were bugging out and had nothing else this would seriously cause some damage, most people wouldn’t see it coming either as its small but kinda deadly at the same time. That being said, it looks heavy and intimidating with its dark color, skull detail, and pointy edge. I certainly would not want to mess with it. This 16.25 inches tool is basically indestructible and that can come in handy. It is a great price too for the quality you are getting, just under 40 dollars. You won’t find a better deal on a better shovel, the tactical shovel is the way to go.


The specifics of the tool are impressive. It has a tempered stainless steel head, and includes a belt pouch for easy transport. The handle is strong injection molded nylon. It is a stainless steel tool with a black oxide coating. This is perfect for your survival in the wild to help you get supplies, cook, and if you are out for a long time, garden. Reviews have shown that this tool has come in handy and been very useful for those who take care of themselves and go out camping. You really need one of these shovels at least in case you need it. Think of how cool it will look hanging in your garage.

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