The Power of a Simple Extendable Baton

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It’s tough to decide on which options you will commit to when it comes to self-defense. The other question is how many? Is a firearm the only thing you need? Remember that getting away from trouble is always going to be better than getting deeper into it.

It's tough to decide on which options you will commit to when it comes to self-defense.

Shooting a gun in America does not come without consequence. Nor does taking a man’s life. Sometimes it pays to have other options. In this article, we are going to explore the uses of the extendable baton. You might be surprised at how effective this little weapon can be. “Less than lethals” do have their benefits.

We will look at three benefits in particular.


When you go from harmless to increasing the reach and scope of your ability to do damage, it has an effect on people. While someone may have approached you considering you an easy target, well, those things change when the threat of serious pain appears out of a waist holster.

Blunt Force Trauma

A heavy metal extendable baton can do some serious damage. It’s real. If you know where to attack you will have no problem evading attackers after a few swings. Just remember, that is the goal. You want to do damage and get away from the bad guys asap.

You cannot be sure what weapons they have on them and a baton doesn’t beat a gun so attack knees or the head and kick up dust!


The most wonderful part of the extendable baton is your ability to hide it. It’s not like wearing a gun on your hip. Of course, that can be a great deterrent.

The element of surprise has its benefits, as well. This will also allow you to go into any area you wish without having to worry about alarming children or someone who might be a little nervous.

It's tough to decide on which options you will commit to when it comes to self-defense.

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